<span>Mark W.</span>
    Mark W.
    Director, IT at Gosiger

    Powerful quoting functionality with CPQ

    "There are several powerful features of CPQ provided by their catalog and guided selling tree models. Mistakes are a thing of the past and quoting an opportunity is just a few clicks away. With the advent of their cloud solution it is now possible to automatically connect to some of our suppliers on the back end allowing them to manage pricing and availability and we're really in a point and..."

    <span>Taylor O.</span>
    Taylor O.
    Sales Engineer at Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc.

    CPQ is helping us automate our quoting process and capture critical information needed downstream.

    "The rules engine is very comprehensive. Our products have tons of different possible configurations based on options that relate to one another in different ways. The ability to filter options, automate calculations for different scenarios, and to give the quoter feedback as to what options may be required is going to be a huge help for our current manual quoting process."

    <span>Greg W.</span>
    Greg W.
    Technical Services Engineer at WatchGuard Video

    Clean, Powerful and easy to adapt to your environment

    "CPQ gives me the ability to customize our guided selling to fit the less technical nature of our sales team. I can customize it in so many different ways I sometimes lose track of all the things it can do. It allows me to control what our Sales Team can see, which in turn allows me to control what products are selected from the catalog. "

    <span>Mary B.</span>
    Mary B.
    Business Intelligence Manager at Rytec Corporation

    Endeavor CPQ9 Platform Ugrade - Faster, Smarter, Simpler

    "The new CPQ9 platform from Endeavor Commerce offers a robust quoting platform capable of managing complex product variability and logic layering with user-friendliness and quick processing speed. The solution integrates seamlessly with our Salesforce.com CRM platform to offer consistent and professional customer proposals, as well as accurate product data on Sales Opportunities for forecasting."