Emplify is a mobile-first platform that provides companies with a better way to build a winning culture that inspires individuals, invites feedback, connects employees, and accurately measures true employee engagement.

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How JJR Solutions Changed Their Culture Using Employee Insights

"If we wouldn't have moved with some sort of employee engagement strategy when we did, I think there's a pretty good chance we wouldn't be here today." Learn how JJR Solutions used Emplify's employee analytics solution to get insights and engage employees.

Emplify Details Provided by: Greg H.

Emplify Details Provided by: Greg Hewitt

Director of Demand Generation and ABM at Emplify - Employee Engagement
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Emplify, the industry leader in data-driven employee analytics and action-enabling insights for business leaders, helps executives leverage employee insights to make their workforce more successful. Backed by decades of research in human psychology and neuroscience, Emplify Insights blends employee engagement best practices and hands-on expert coaching into an agile feedback system that's simple yet more effective than historic annual employee surveys, and more trustworthy than modern pulse surveys.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Emplify's difference is a unique blend of mobile-first technology, human behavioral psychology, and data science—paired with human expertise. The result is a faster, more reliable feedback loop for executives, enabling them to make effective people decisions that support their business strategy and outcomes.

Technology has removed the barriers of soliciting employee feedback, creating new tools that ask fewer, more frequent questions in a cost-effective way. But these tools failed to consider the science of human psychology, instead substituting concepts like happiness and satisfaction, which can be misleading when discerning what actions truly matter to each organization.

Based on leading research, we learned that engagement—not happiness or satisfaction—is the goal for any successful organization. While retaining people is certainly critical, you need more than a satisfied worker who is content to perform the status quo and collect a paycheck. You need an engaged worker who’s deeply committed to the team’s purpose.

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