Egress Intelligent Email Security Testimonials

    heather l.
    heather l.
    Departmental Analyst at State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget

    Egress provided quick, great customer service and provided everything needed to get up and running

    "Egress meets all of our needs, is very secure and easy for our users to understand. The customer Service provided by the company was extremely impressive. Their staff has subject matter experts and product owners who are friendly and who answered all of our questions. "

    Paul B.
    3rd Line NOC Applications Engineer at CDW UK

    Might be more than you need, but for end to end encryption it's pretty good

    "Once configured it's pretty easy to run with ADFS integration and an ADMX template to easily customise the user experience. Past versions of the plug in have been a little tricky to install automatically, but since version 5 it's been good."

    User in Computer Software

    Egress Switch Review

    "1.) Once Set up is done It is very easy to use. 2.) Minimal training is required to use its Applications. 3.) Best free way to send your sensitive data to 3rd party. 4.) Its Graphical Interface :) 5.) Its cloud based functionalities are amazing. 6.) Documents can be edited by multiple users simultaneously or by individuals."

    Administrator in Management Consulting

    Egress, robust and well managed file sharing platform

    "The key thing I like best about egress is simplicity and clarity for our users - in addition they are easy to engage and talk to, and the platform has well thought out features and functions"

    Administrator in Package/Freight Delivery

    Egress is an awesome product

    "Ease of setup and implementation they're easy to use"

    User in Government Administration

    Egress easy to use

    "I can create secure messages and/or packages for employees or fellow administrators knowing no one else can access our information. "

    Umar Z.
    Umar Z.
    Business and Product Development/Researcher/UN Advocate

    smallest input for the largest output

    "the best thing i like about egress is the simplicity and the ease of access for users"

    Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

    Easy fix to a security hole and users

    "How easy it is to set up and train employees. Plus it's easy to get customers on board to use it. And it integrates great with what we use already for email. "

    User in Food & Beverages

    Satisfaction rating

    "The performance, speed, accuracy and accountability and most importantly the convenience of the app."

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Well rounded but still room to improve

    "Integration with Outlook is the best part for us as we primarily deal with O365 with our clients. Though not intuitive from the start, we love the ability to customise a lot of features for our clients, either on a root level, organisation or individual user."

    Crystal H.
    Project Manager at FRITO LAY

    Protect all your data while sharing files electronically

    "Egress is the most reliable and efficient way to send documents to third parties without using the cloud, its graphical version is very prominent, it allows several users simultaneously to manage the files with the best security and encryption that we deserve. This software is a business solution to boost productivity and protect the data that is shared among users"

    yaquelin n.
    yaquelin n.
    Diseñador gráfico en HARD ROCK CAFE

    simply incredible, easy and SAFE for the clients!!

    " I love it, simply the registration was very simple and when observing the interface I noticed the simplicity of using this software, it has helped me a lot and I feel safe. The colors are elegant and it is easy to remember all the elements. But what I like the most is customer service, they always respond quickly, helping to solve any problem that occurs, I love it and could recommend it to..."

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Reliable and secure

    "Our clients trust the platform as much as we do and the clients handle their own account provisioning, which eliminates password resets our end :)"

    User in Hospital & Health Care

    Easy to use and reliable

    "Easy to use and completely integrated with outlook"
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