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Top Alternatives to DoJiggy Payments

  • Kindful
  • iATS Payments
  • Greater Giving Event
  • Aplos
  • Click & Pledge

Top 18 Alternatives & Competitors to DoJiggy Payments

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  1. Kindful

    (330)4.4 out of 5
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  2. Kindful is a cloud-based donor management system with built in fundraising automation, online donation pages, and reporting tools. An open API allows nonprofits to easily connect their donor database with the best-in-class systems they are already using such as MailChimp, Quickbooks, Eventbrite, and more.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Ease of Reporting and recurring payments
  3. iATS Payments

    (71)4.0 out of 5
  4. With over 12,000 clients and billions of dollars in annual processing, iATS Payments is the leading provider of payment solutions to nonprofit organizations and technology partners around the world. iATS draws on over 20 years of experience providing secure, simple and cost-effective credit card and direct debit (ACH) processing.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Jon D.
    The sign-up is super easy - no hassle at all. The price point is great.
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  5. Greater Giving Event

    (56)4.0 out of 5
  6. Automate, track and manage your fundraising efforts from one dashboard. Streamline your event planning and fundraising efforts.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Greater Giving was utilized for event specific websites and to gather information about guests and to accept payments. What I liked best was how GG could be used as the same platform for a whole...Read more
  7. Aplos

    (20)4.7 out of 5
  8. Aplos Nonprofit Management Platform is an online fund accounting solution for nonprofits and churches

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Handles fund accounting better than other cloud-based accounting softwares, great customer service like very responsive in-site chat, lots of tools and training seminars to improve.
  9. Click & Pledge

    (15)3.2 out of 5
  10. FREE Solutions for non-profits to accept online donations including Fundraising Tools, Mobile and Donor and Event Management for Salesforce.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Melanie V.
    From what I have experienced thus far, there is a lot of functionality that is flexible with Click and Pledge. It also talks to our Salesforce instance which is very helpful and finally...Read more
  11. Sumac

    (13)4.1 out of 5
  12. Sumac is nonproft CRM suite that offers solutions in donor management, volunteer management, fundraising and event management

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Eliza G.
    This software is great. It is very well organized and put together. I didn’t know it well when I first started using it, but once I got a feel for it, I knew it well and was able to organize data...Read more
  13. Firespring

    (5)4.7 out of 5
  14. Firespring provides nonprofit website design and development.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Firespring makes it easy to manage quick changes to websites and email addresses.They have many different tools available for use that expediate common managagerial tasks. Their tools range from...Read more
  15. Blackbaud Merchant Services

    (2)4.3 out of 5
  16. Blackbaud Merchant Services is Blackbaud’s end-to-end payment processing solution that has helped nonprofits worldwide raise billions of dollars. As a Level 1 PCI service provider and payment gateway, Blackbaud meets the industry’s toughest data security standards.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    I like that the site is easy to navigate. I do not use the site a lot, but I usually did not have any trouble getting around. Blackbaud is great about security and also keeping the site updated...Read more
  17. AC Payments & Donations

    (2)5.0 out of 5
  18. Start accepting payments for your products, subscriptions, service or membership fees on your Salesforce community! AC Payments, built native to Salesforce, allows to process credit and debit card payments from your customers, partners, employees, and members today! AC Payments & Donations is a powerful Salesforce payment management. - Easy to setup and configure payments from Community members and guests. - Stripe API integration - provide secure payment processing (salesforce data storage). - Multiple Payments Types - process one-time and recurring transactions from any source object. - Custom Payment Amount - provide any custom amount for donation. - Salesforce products, pricing books and orders are supported. - Full tracking and reporting on all payments. NATIVE SALESFORCE APP fits seamlessly your salesforce data management. - Easy-to-Use - drag and drop community builder components. - Display Options - use embedded component or a button with a pop-up window. - Salesforce Lightning Design System - provides a responsive and modern look. - Predefined User Info - auto-complete payment info for logged users. Helping others has never been easier! Reach out to your donors, streamline your programmes and raise more resources with the slick and easy-to-use Salesforce donation processing management − AC Donations! Non-Profit Success Pack Integration - create donation records automatically based on transactions and subscriptions made within the component. Reach out to your donors using power of Community Cloud. Both guest and community users are supported. - With AC Events your event team can easily create offline and online fundraising events to generate donations. - Accept one-time and recurring donations. - Create donation campaigns and track their performance in Salesforce. - Secure and reliable Stripe payment processing. - Completely FREE.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
  19. Paperless

    (2)3.3 out of 5
  20. Paperlesstrans offers solutions such as donor management combined with cost-effective, secure payment processing.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Paperless offers a great rate for their services and does a good job at providing a functional, effective payment processor that accomplishes what it sets out to do.
  21. Moolah Payments

    (1)4.0 out of 5
  22. Moolah Payments offer low-cost, fully-integrated solutions that make it seamless and easy to process credit and debit card payments for dues, donations, events, resource sales and more.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    Moolah works very well with my Memberclicks software.
  23. Causeview

    (1)3.0 out of 5
  24. Causeview is a donor CRM software that connects your organizations with all of your constituents.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
    The best part about using Causeview is that it is customizable to my organizations needs.
  25. NCrypted Fundraiser

  26. Fundraiser is a bundled crowdfunding software that enables you to get started with your own online kickstarter website.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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  27. My Well Giving

  28. Our ministry provides credit card processing and giving software to faith based non-profits that keeps more money in ministry.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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  29. Swiper1 Mobile Suite + Card Reader

  30. Swiper1 is a mobile event registration powerhouse.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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  31. Blackbaud MobilePay

  32. With Blackbaud MobilePay, be ready to process credit card payments anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at an off-site event or away from the office, all you need is a wireless or data connection. Plus, Blackbaud MobilePay integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud Merchant Services™, so you pay the same low rate on every transaction regardless of the credit card type.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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  33. Blackthorn | Donations

  34. Blackthorn Donations allows Salesforce users of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to create point-and-click donation forms, fully integrated with the NPSP.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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  35. AffiniPay for Associations

  36. The proven partner for association professionals. Since our very first day, AffiniPay has partnered with associations and nonprofits to provide a simple, secure, and streamlined way to accept member payments.

    Categories in common with DoJiggy Payments:
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