Jason S.

    Deploy Review

    "Deploy reduces wasted, unproductive, or non-value added time spent filling client order with the click of several buttons. Furthermore, it allows you to confirm placements, confirm arrivals, and reduces no-call no-shows dramatically for clients using Deploy verse clients not using Deploy."

    Jamie L.
    Jamie L.
    Senior Staffing Manager at LGC Hospitality

    Easy, Fast and effective for all your Staffing needs

    "Deploy has been a godsend in the staffing industry. It has allowed us to track employee show up rates as well as give our clients the benefit of always knowing how their orders look every step of the way. Deploy has allowed us to have more client interactions and boost our retention rates within our branch. "

    Elise R.

    I have used Deploy as a desktop website platform for Shiftgig as a staffing coordinator

    "What I like best about Deploy is that the format allows users to view the schedule in a Calendar view so that it is easy to see shifts available each day within a month. This viewing also has a color coding scale to show which days of the month are fully filled (green), moderately filled (yellow), and need many fills (red). This viewing makes it easy for my office to see which days we need to..."

    Meredith B.
    Meredith B.
    Executive Assistant To The President at LGC Hospitality

    Very easy to use

    "the simplicity of use, how easy it is to track valuable information and make sure everyone is on the right track. "