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What is Codility?

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Codility Details Provided by: Rachel W.

Codility Details Provided by: Rachel Whitehead

Director of Product Marketing at Codility
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About Codility

Codility is a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers engage, recruit, and train stronger engineers, faster.

World-class tech hiring teams at companies like Amazon, Intel, and Citi choose Codility to:
- Reduce engineering time spent in recruitment overall, and focusing engineering time on the most qualified candidates.
- Minimize false negatives and false positives by implementing skills-based assessments with fair, reliable, and unbiased scoring.
- Accelerate time-to-hire by identifing top candidates faster and arming hiring managers with high-quality insights into their candidates’ skills.
- Reduce unconscious bias and increase objectivity to support diversity.
- Create better candidate experiences and improve employer branding.

Since 2009, tech recruiters have been using Codility to attract, screen and interview candidates based on their real-life engineering and fundamental programming skills. The Codility assessment engine provides a clear signal as to which candidates are the most promising to advance in your process based on their real technical skill. Onsite, hiring managers can use Codility to run live coding sessions with their candidates, all recorded and shareable directly via API or via direct integration with your applicant tracking system.

Screen candidates accurately with CodeCheck.
Use CodeCheck to assess the real-life development skills, fundamental programming skills, and technical knowledge during the early stages of the recruitment funnel.

Run better tech interviews with CodeLive.
CodeLive provides an online room to collaborate and code with your candidates in real-time tech interviews.

Train and assess your team with CodeTrain.
Use CodeTrain to align your L&D programs with the key skills you want to uplevel in your team.

Engage engineers online with CodeChallenges.
Use CodeChallenges to ignite action amongst your developer database of fans and followers, or at specific events.

Build your employer brand with a Sponsored Challenge.
Cast a wider net by sponsoring an online coding challenge on Codility's Programmers' Home.

You can try Codility out yourself by starting a free trial at or contact us directly on UK: +44 (208) 970 7868 or US: +1 (415) 466-8085.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

What you’ll love about Codility:

- High-quality library of tasks free of ambiguous task descriptions and scoring loopholes to support unbiased and fair scoring.
- Broad coverage of skills including real-life engineering and fundamental programming skills tasks, with language agnostic scoring where relevant.
- Automatic scoring engine providing deep, accurate insights into candidates’ solutions in terms of correctness, performance, and style with code playback.
- Plagiarism detection at scale via Similarity Check to flag potential cheating cases, in addition to a suite of tools for further protection.
- A partner comprised of tech recruiting experts to ensure you have the toolkit and support needed to effectively grow your engineering team.

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