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A CTMS designed to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.

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What is Clinical Conductor CTMS?

Used by more organizations around the world than any other CTMS, Clinical Conductor standardizes and simplifies complex processes for research organizations managing and conducting clinical trials. Created by Bio-Optronics, it is the leading CTMS for managing research and executing collaboratively across multiple clinical trials and sites. The role-based system provides the comprehensive features and functionality needed to recruit effectively, improve patient visit satisfaction, optimize billing, maintain research compliance, extract actionable business insight and maximize profitability. With over two thousand deployments of Clinical Conductor so far, Bio-Optronics has established fail-safe deployment process that gets organizations up and running quickly and effectively, with 24x7 support services and unlimited ongoing web-based training.

Clinical Conductor CTMS Details Provided by: Kyle R.

Clinical Conductor CTMS Details Provided by: Kyle Ricketts

Marketing Manager at Bio-Optronics
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