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Control costs with automated, real-time spend policy compliance monitoring and approval routing. Meet your organization’s requirements, and even any billable client policy requirements, by using our flexible compliance and routing engines.

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Create modern expense reports with Chrome River. Our global expense solution has the easiest, most intuitive user interface on the market and includes one tap features your business travelers will love; integrations with corporate card programs and finance systems your account team will love; and integrations with travel management companies and online booking tools your travel team will love; plus all the spend visibility, compliance statistics, and flexible reporting your CFO needs.

Chrome River EXPENSE Details Provided by: Holly A.

Chrome River EXPENSE Details Provided by: Holly Allison

Head of Marketing Operations at Chrome River Technologies
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About Chrome River EXPENSE

Chrome River EXPENSE is a leading expense management solution that enables your organization to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase visibility and compliance, all while providing the ultimate employee experience.

By partnering with Chrome River, you can future proof your business by leveraging tools that move with you as your business grows. Chrome River delivers the long-term value you are looking for in an expense and invoice management
provider. We are committed to your success.

With Chrome River, you can let business flow with a suite of expense and invoice management solutions. Our suite empowers you to make insightful business decisions, mitigate risk and gain operational efficiencies as you streamline business processes. We understand you want solutions that grow with you and meet your changing business needs.

Customers across several industries including Manufacturing, Transportation, Legal, Education, Energy, Technology, Travel, and much more trust Chrome River to provide future-readiness and a superior customer journey.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Chrome River offers solutions that empower you to be future-ready for your dynamic and growing business. With increased compliance regulations, constantly changing business needs, and further adaptation to your market, you can take advantage of the robust and flexible functionality that Chrome River offers.

Elegant Design – EXPENSE requires little end-user training and is guided by tutorials within the application.

One Digital Experience – Complete mobility and consistent user experience across all devices.
Ensures Future-Readiness – Chrome River EXPENSE is built on an architecture that is designed to embrace change,
empowering you to support changing business needs, new compliance regulations, and business risk.

Continued Innovation – Our forward-looking approach to Chrome River EXPENSE exemplifies our dedication to
enhancing your expense management process and improving employee engagement.

Open Travel Integration – Chrome River EXPENSE offers an open travel integration platform to provide you with the
flexibility you need to choose your provider

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