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From the moment you create a requisition to the point of hire, Applicant Tracking provides all the tools you need to attract quality talent and manage internal recruitment processes.

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What is CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking?

CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking brings advertising, data, search and sourcing technology into one recruitment environment.

Recruiters can view and search candidates, run reports, measure performance, manage job postings, engage with candidates, kick off background checks, and more — all from one easy-to-manage dashboard platform. Applicant Tracking strengthens any candidate acquisition strategy and empowers your team members to make the right hires faster.

CareerBuilder is a global, end-to-end human capital solutions company focused on helping employers find, hire and manage great talent. Combining advertising, software and services, CareerBuilder leads the industry in recruiting solutions, employment screening and human capital management. Improve your pre-hire process with the ultimate software solution.

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CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking Details Provided by: Scott H.

CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking Details Provided by: Scott Heimgartner

Director of Product Marketing at Maropost
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