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Bolstra is an agile customer success management platform that helps companies plan, manage and engage with their customers.

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What is Bolstra?

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Bolstra Details Provided by: John W.

Bolstra Details Provided by: John Warne

VP of Customer Advocacy at Bolstra, LLC
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About Bolstra

Bolstra is for high touch B2B companies whose revenue is highly dependent on existing customers and want to maximize customer lifetime value by confidently delivering on their brand promise.
Bolstra is a Customer Success Software company that provides an agile work management SaaS platform to help businesses accelerate customer growth.
Unlike CSM companies who focus their attention on reacting to data, Bolstra is the only CS solution that enables you to create, apply and adapt best practices required across the enterprise to transform your customers into advocates.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Bolstra is the only Customer Success Solution that enables an agile approach to delivering on customers' desired outcomes. In addition, Bolstra is also the only Customer Success Solution that enables CS leaders to adequately track, analyze and optimize their team's time to ensure that their team members are working on the most effective projects for the most important customers.

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