Evan B.
    Evan B.
    SEO / SEM Search Engine Specialist at Vodafone

    Excellent tool for web analytics

    "Bitly helps me customize and shorten my URLs so that marketing campaigns are totally effective. What I like the most is that we can route and redirect our visits according to the country, the device, the IP ranges and the types of connection (Bitly Enterprise). Its analytical panel is quite easy to understand, since it provides us with statistics and precise metrics, along with graphics to be..."

    Caroline J.
    Caroline J.
    Executive Director at Social Media Club + Digital Marketing Consultant/Coach

    User-friendly custom URL tracking for all companies, from small business to enterprise level

    "I like that bit.ly makes it easy for novices and experts alike to custom track their web traffic. The platform has great enterprise level capabilities making it a worthy tool in a professionals toolkit. It's easy to access and view reporting metrics it's easy to create many URLs in bulk if necessary for a campaign. "

    Joyce B.
    Joyce B.
    Software Engineer

    URL and campaign management tool

    "In shortening the URLs, it is simple and quick no matter how many URLs are being worked on. This is because it has a feature for bulk URL management. Apart from that we brand the URLs to suit our company standards and help in attracting customers to click the URLs. Bitly gives us all the content analytics on how the URLs are being used. We get the details of people clicking the URLs like their..."

    François D.
    François D.
    Responsable Innovation CRM / Marketing direct at Bouygues Telecom

    Bit.ly : the solution to shorten any URLs and generate unique links

    "The Bit.ly team is very proactive. They helped us to find solutions to all our problems with their precise ressources, their great customer success and with an "easy to use" platform. As a matter of fact one of our most recent problem has been about some of our shortened URLs we used to generate using po.st. The company stopped its services and we had to fix in emergency all our campaigns..."

    Alejandro M.
    Alejandro M.
    MD, MBA and MSc in Digital Marketing - Digital Marketing Manager at Hospital Herrera Llerandi and Chairman of...

    Great experience even better than what Google URL Shortner used to offer

    "It has a lot more features than Google URL Shortner used to have, I love the fact that you don't need to hay a payed account to modify (partially) your Shortened links. Of course you have to pay if you want a specific domain to be shortned, but with the free tools you can do a lot, and also you can measure all the links. So for me is wonderful."

    Alberto S.
    Alberto S.
    Consultor Seo/Freelance

    Shorten the links in a simple way.

    "It has efficiently solved the problem of long URLs, since, in a very easy way, it converts them into another of smaller extension. In addition, it allows you to customize it. It offers several packages according to your needs, which makes it accessible, also presents you with free alternatives to follow up the clicks and thus be informed of the traffic either from a web page and / or..."

    Evan G.

    The top of the line provider in the field! Why go with anyone else?

    "How seamless and easy the product is to use! I really like how detailed the reporting gets. I've used this along with my social media coordinator to pull stats to present to executives.The feedback that we have received since using Bitly has been off the charts! The executives love the deep dive and insights that Bitly provides us! My customer support agent is always a click away and has always..."

    Fernando D.
    Fernando D.
    Digital Marketing Performance | Digital Business Strategy | Sustainability | Digital Product Marketing

    Bitly is the perfect tool to track your customer actions

    "It is easy to use, plus it gives you the chance to make links optimize to your taste for free. Another good thing is that creating a link only takes a few seconds once you get used to the system"

    Mary K.
    Mary K.
    Technician at RAIN Group

    URL shortening king

    "Shortening URLs is easy and fast. The shortened URLs do not expire and are easily branded to carry a simple description of our organization or main purpose of the URL. Even managing the URLs in bulk is possible and saves a lot of time. It integrated well with our campaign management software and it brings great content analytics to help us with managing the campaigns."

    Thandeka M.
    Project Manager

    We have built trust in clients for giving them branded short links

    "We have built trust in clients for giving them branded short links that carry the main message of the link using bitly. We give clients memorable short links that carry our brand. Bitly also offers us the advantage of giving us data analytics on those clicking our links and helps us carrying the clients forward in the advertising process. "