Natalia K.
    Natalia K.
    Executive Assistant l Office Manager & Organizer l Creative Marketing & Social Media Support l Future Salesforce Admin

    Easy & intuitive to use

    "The previous psa software we had was beyond laborious to use, whereas BigTime's UI is clean, well thought out, and much easier to navigate. Creating and sending invoices is a snap, creating reports is simple and my users are no longer calling incessantly because they cannot navigate the platform."

    Chris F.
    Chris F.
    CEO, Delivering Customized Offshore Development Teams, providing Offshore Development with an Onshore Experience

    Fast, feature fit software for timesheet management and invoice... with exceptional support service

    "The feature set to BigTime is 99% perfect. The software is fast and pretty easy to learn and adopt as an organization. What sets them apart is their terrific customer support and onboarding. Brannon Hollingsworth from BigTime has worked with us from the beginning and helped us do all the onboarding and several months later was still right there to help us get into advanced reporting that is..."

    Chad C.
    Chad C.
    Principal at EDGE Engineering, PLLC

    BigTime was exactly what our new Civil Firm needed

    "Timesheets, custom invoicing, reporting, customization ability, user support, friendliness of staff, great price. It is a great tool for the Civil Engineering industry as you can create custom labor categories specific to employees for invoicing purposes. Everything is hosted on the cloud which is really nice."

    Brinley G.
    Brinley G.
    Staff Accountant at Pinell & Martinez, CPAs

    Quick response!

    "Big Time is easy to use and always giving a quick response. They are super helpful for any questions needed to be answered. The app is amazing! It is easy to use and connects to the computer program very well. When I was introduced to this program I was shocked at how easy it was. I picked up on it on the first day."

    Marie G.
    Marie G.
    Marketing/Controller at The OMNIA Group Architects

    Big Time for our small archictectural business

    "After completing research on a time sheet system that would integrate with our Quickbooks desktop, I finally found Big Time. The firm did not want to leave Quickbooks and the other options were not as flexible as Big Time. It was difficult to find a system that is cost effective. Now we bill through Big Time and link it directly to our Quickbooks Pro 2016, allowing us to see if our..."

    Beatriz P.
    Beatriz P.
    Marketing Specialist at Amatech Inc.

    BigTime is ideal for billing and invoicing

    "The PSA provided by bigtime is fast enough to deliver the deadlines of our projects within the estimated time. Bigtime has a good portal for billing, where you can implement billing for contingencies, schedules and subscriptions. Manage lists of contact data. It offers a large number of templates for invoicing, and allows you to apply it online. It also has a convenient system of workflow..."

    Lisa D.
    Lisa D.
    Office Manager/Systems Administrator

    Really good application and great customer support

    "It is easy to use and powerful. It can do much more than what we need it for and yet it is reasonably priced. It is pretty user friendly, not a single complaint from our staff and so I think that I made the right choice. "

    Daniel G.
    Daniel G.
    Co-founder | Solutions Architect at Rangeline Solutions

    Major improvement over our current system

    "BigTime has provided us with the tools to maximize our efficiency when entering time and expenses against consulting projects. It allows us to easily track hours and budgets against specific projects/activities, and it makes reporting a breeze. Since we also utilize QuickBooks, the built-in integration saves us time from having to create separate entries in both systems."

    Gertie Jerry B.
    Gertie Jerry B.
    Administrative Assistant at Fina Technologies

    Keep a clear picture of where your entire organization is

    "Big Time caught my attention and it's because I can track and invoice the expenses to be aware of the final balance of the company, as well as allow me to create our clients precise, fluid budgets and in real time, incredibly accelerating my workflow, they like their expense reports and how you can store everything in one place, the time tracking feature is sensational, it develops with..."