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What is Balihoo?

For brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, Balihoo software tackles the daily administrative tasks of local paid search and display so that you can focus on optimization. Leveraging innovative technology, rather than spreadsheet uploads, the Balihoo engine runs continuously, ensuring that your campaigns stay relevant, active, and data-informed, long after setup.

Imagine combining your location list with creative templates to produce thousands of localized display ads in minutes. Combine your master keyword list with local attributes for automatic keywords lists for each location. Use data triggers to determine which locations and campaigns run each day, employing true set-it-and-forget reliability.

Balihoo users spend 90% less time performing account setup and campaign maintenance. Experience CTR double the industry average and average CPC as low as $0.25. Balihoo customers have seen 500% increases in CTR and 94% decreases in CPC within the first 2 weeks.

Balihoo Details Provided by: Amanda C.

Balihoo Details Provided by: Amanda Cash-Crowley

Search and Digital Marketing Consultant at Cash-Crowley Digital
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