Mélissa S.
    Mélissa S.
    community booster - Animation

    very easy to use, all we need to communicate is here

    "the fact that we can create many small groups to communicate, to not be overwelmed and creat categories. also you can answer messages directly so you dont loose track of messages"

    Aakash S.
    Aakash S.
    Aakash Sabharwal - Computer Software

    Best software for intra-team communication

    "This is the best software in the market in terms of intra-team communication, helps me every day to talk and share thoughts with my team and colleagues. Atolia is best!"

    Jérôme E.
    Jérôme E.
    Product Manager - Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

    An intuitive all in one tool for project team

    "Create, follow and modify in real-time planning and to-do list through my devices (PC, Mac, iPhone...) Notifications setting and alert (send by mail, banners on iOS...) to prevent any relevant event"