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Altos provides medical transcription services.

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Altos provides medical transcription services.

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Irvine, CA
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There are not enough reviews of Altos Medical Transcription for G2 to provide buying insight. Below are some alternatives with more reviews:

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Rev is a platform that provide document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses around the globe.
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3Play Media provides a more technologically advanced and cost-effective captioning, audio description, and subtitling solution. We work with more than 2,000 customers across media & entertainment, enterprise and educational institutions. Our methods allow us to reduce the cost and simplify the process, while maintaining premium quality levels. We provide all major caption formats, efficient workflows, an API, and fast turnaround. 3Play Media was borne out of MIT in 2007 and operates in Boston, MA.
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Provides numerous dictation solutions, including free use of our digital dictation system that can be customized to mimic an already existing dictation system, eliminating physician transition concerns. In addition, we offer a free mobile device app and digital upload of hand-held recorders.
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