Advocately, by G2

Advocately, by G2


Advocately allows you to run Customer advocacy programs that will generate reviews, referrals and case studies

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Advocately, by G2 Features

Survey Management

Brand Design Consistency

Creates feedback forms that are consistent with the design of the site.

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Survey Deployment

Supports the creation and deployment of different survey types on different channels or devices.

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Feedback Collection

Solicits, captures, and centralizes feedback from both structured and unstructured sources.

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Device Responsiveness

Allows designs to adapt automatically to the device that users access the survey or software.

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Consumer Intelligence

Customer Feedback

Provides a forum for customers to give feedback and data storage for company analysis.

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Competitive Intelligence

Allows users to get real-time information on competitors performance and reputation.

(Based on 6 reviews)

Sentiment Analysis

Gives users greater visibility into the how feel and respond to reputation gaining tactics.

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Referral Program

Creates and manages referral programs to find brand advocates

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Provides incentives for engagement to advocates

(Based on 6 reviews)

3rd-Party Trends

Sources advocate content from third-party social media platforms to identify trends and problem areas

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Process Management

Feedback Aggregation

Aggregates feedback and transforms feedback into actionable insights.

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Trigger Alerts

Triggers creation of a new case after customer leaves feedback.

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Real-Time Analysis

Analyze collected feedback near or in real-time.

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Real-Time Action

Trigger strategic workflows to quickly resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction.

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Revenue Reporting

Provides tools with enhanced filtering and correlation between revenue and reputation.

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Corporate Reporting

Helps monitor the overall performance of marketing efforts and brand establishment.

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Provides a centralized hub and management tools for all data points related to online reputation.

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Media Monitoring

Social Networks Monitoring

Helps track and monitor social media trends and interactions.

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Social Media Management

Helps manage social messaging and measures the full impact of social campaigns.

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Digital Media Monitoring

Helps manage ad messaging and measures the full impact of digital advertising campaigns.

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Monitors and tracks advocates' interactions and shared content

(Based on 11 reviews)

Adoption Insight

Measures adoption of the brand advocacy tool (both internally and externally) to inform strategy

(Based on 8 reviews)

Engagement Analysis

Analyzes user engagement to understand impact

(Based on 9 reviews)

System Management


Provides a secure and compliant system.

Not enough data available

System Monitoring

Continually inspects, audits, and monitors system to keep it up to date.

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Mobile Optimization

Allows advocates to write, upload, and share content on mobile

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In-House Management

Employee Performance

Gives visability into employee performance and each individual's impact on reputation initiatives.

Not enough data available

Team Workflow

Helps establish a workflow that allows team members to communicate effectively and collaboratively.

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Multichannel Sharing

Facilitates the sharing of user experiences on one or multiple channels

(Based on 9 reviews)


Provides space or forum for discussing and sharing user feedback

(Based on 6 reviews)


Seamlessly integrates advocacy solution into existing processes

(Based on 10 reviews)

Content Distribution

Distributes advocate content across multiple channels

(Based on 6 reviews)