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AddSearch is a site search that helps your website visitors find what they want - instantly, accurately, and visually.

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What is AddSearch?

AddSearch is a fully-featured, enterprise-level, hosted and customizable site search. We crawl your website and the installation is a breeze with our hosted results views. AddSearch supports all web platforms and you can customize the look and feel of the search if you want to. If you are a coder, you can integrate into our API to get further possibilities for customization. We also have dedicated, highly professional helpdesk team ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.

AddSearch Details Provided by: Tapio H.

AddSearch Details Provided by: Tapio Huhanantti

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Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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We have unbeatable customer support, secure infrastructure and all the features you'll need. Our proprietary crawler supports any website, even single page apps created with technologies like React or AngularJS. Installing AddSearch is a breeze with no complicated integrations needed. Our geographically distributed search index returns results quickly from anywhere in the world, making AddSearch the fastest search solution to install and use.

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