Brandon H.
    Brandon H.
    President/CEO at Industrial Credit Union

    Game Changer for Live Chat

    "This platform is exactly what we were looking for. The installation and configuration process is ultra-lightweight (simple JavaScript inclusions). Acquire enables our call center team to communicate with members across multiple domains and the experience is seamless."

    Administrator in Consumer Goods

    Simple integration and customer experience

    "Acquire made it easy for us to integrate their solution into our proprietary website. This was critical for us so that the user experience matched that that we currently offer, but we did not want to develop a chat solution on our own."

    Andrew H.

    The best tool for website chats!

    "The simplicity of the platform. This is a system that can be used by the smallest, and biggest organizations that are searching for a website chat solution. As a small organization, with simple needs this fit very well into what we were looking for."

    Consultant in Management Consulting

    Responsive and helpful in integrating with another system.

    "Video chat with no downloads needed on mobile"

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Acquire Review

    "I like the format of the chat display and features. I like that it shows active and pending and switches when chats are reactivated. I like that we can set hours and holidays and collab with fellow acquire agents on cases or chats. The co browse feature is very helpful. I also like the instant and fast response from the Acquire reps they solve issues or questions we have about Acquire fast..."

    Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness

    Web Chat

    "Able to support customers online, quick and easy to integrate, flexible to set up"

    Carrie P.

    Acquire support goes above and beyond

    "I appreciate that our Account Manager is very responsive. Even when he doesn't know the answer, he gets back to us quickly. Customer service is key and it's nice to feel like we are being heard."

    Prachi B.
    Prachi B.

    Powerful, user-friendly customer engagement tool

    "Acquire is an advanced, innovative and easy to use customer support platform. It is designed and built specifically for best customer service. With Acquire’s customer support tools, we can have real-time conversations with our visitors and can offer quick support to their queries. We have observed an increase in conversions and sales."

    Kerem K.
    Kerem K.
    Co-Founder at Protranslate

    Great On-boarding Process and Customer Support

    "We recently switched from another live support provider (Zendesk Chat) and the onboarding process (Thanks to Laduram and the team) was amazing during our trial. Customer support for advanced users is critical, and we were able to get the support needed through the whole process. "

    Hernan B.
    Hernan B.
    Gerente de DataWarehousing at La Caja

    Great Experience

    "The solution is very simple and effective. We started using Acquire when it was called Tagove and since then we received more than we expected. They enhance the product periodically and with great features. The dashboard is very usefull and our internal customers are very happy with it The Customer Service is also great. "

    George R.
    George R.
    Director responsable de equipo en subway-us, Inc.

    Give the perfect answer to online visitors with Acquire.

    "What I like most about Acquire software is its easy configuration, it makes interacting with customers through the web and mobile devices faster and more effective."

    Executive Sponsor in Hospital & Health Care

    Awesome Product.. Easy to Integrate and Use

    "Awesome Product.. Easy to Integrate and Use"

    Emilia L.

    Efficient tool for both sales and customer service

    "I have tried at least five chat providers and can honestly say that Acquire is the best for our needs. It works effortlessly, has all the functionalities that we need and works seamlessly with Google Dialogflow. The Acquire customer service team is fast and willing to adjust their services to our needs. "

    john f.
    Managing Director at THQ

    "Great item to help our customers in a flash"

    "Convenience, particularly from the outlook of a client. Zero download/establishment bother required. Too simple to explore and the item UI has been reliably getting better.The best thing about Acquire's visit arrangement is the effortlessness at which it very well may be coordinated into any site. Notwithstanding this effortlessness, Acquire's framework utilizes creative answers for enable..."

    User in Professional Training & Coaching

    Finally a solution that doesn't make users jump through a million hoops to share screens

    "Ease of use, especially from the standpoint of a customer. Zero download / installation hassle required. Super easy to navigate and the product UI has been consistently getting better. "