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Abacus is an expense management system reimagined for today’s teams and technology. See how you can make your team more efficient with real time expense reporting at abacus.com.

Abacus Details Provided by: Bethany W.

Abacus Details Provided by: Bethany Walsh

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About Abacus

Submit and manage employee expenses in real time. No more expense reports or receipt hoarding. Capture the expense as it happens for full visibility into spend.

Build custom approval routing rules for every expense and automate your expense policy to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

The minimalist, sleek interface clears out the clutter and only prompts employees for what is needed, while organizing and sorting expenses into reports as they are submitted.

Corporate card reconciliation is a breeze with a master dashboard that gives you full visibility into your entire card program in real time.

Analyze your data with our reporting module. Pivot and slice your expenses by any data points you track such as project, conference, or client to see spending trends.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Abacus is the only platform to remove the arbitrary employee-generated expense report from the process - making submitting and reviewing expenses faster and more accurate. Each expense is submitted and entered into the system in real time, giving admins instant visibility into spend. Expenses are then automatically and logically organized into Live Reports as they enter the system according to their business purpose.

Live Reports make sure that expenses are always organized. They enable you to review expenses by employee (similar to a traditional expense report), project, client, time interval, or any custom data point important to your business. Reviewing expenses in meaningful combinations (i.e. all of the expenses for a Project sorted by Category) helps you extract insights and context that wouldn't be apparent if you were to only look at an employee-generated expense report.

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