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Why Resolver Risk Assessment?

Why should I choose Resolver Risk Assessment (Ballot) software?

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Assess anonymously Creating an environment of anonymous voting eliminates the groupthink bias and ensures candid discussion on a level playing field. Use device of your choice Ballot supports input from smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. Bring your own device to a risk assessment or use Ballot’s RF clickers. Discuss risks among stakeholders Facilitators can encourage discussion and collaboration around the results; with the option to re-vote afterwards in order to build consensus in real-time. Remote voting Get remote participants to attend sessions when they can’t be there in person. Reporting Ballot provides a variety of reports and configurable heat-maps to visualize results. Key to understanding the perception of risk among present stakeholders. Visualization Facilitators can create attractive reports instantly, for export to presentation, or spreadsheet of choice, no extra work required.
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