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Why Property Management Software?

Why should I use this kind of software?

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Responded over 2 years ago
There are many reasons why you should choose Smart Property Systems as your software for property management. Smart Property Systems is an award winning system which has served over 20,000 satisfied subscribers since 2006. The software has recently been rewritten, utilizing updated technologies and features which give even more options to the subscriber for saving time and staff resources, therefore increasing your profitability. As a subscriber enters information regarding properties and leases, that single entry of data populates the database, which sets up the software to work as commanded. This type of data retention reduces redundancy when filling out form data, adding properties and units and posting web-flyers for advertising. The login portals for tenants, associates, owners and vendors allows subscribers to send messages, assign duties and share data as needed. All messages sent through the message center or notices sent out of the notice library are auto-filed by date for easy record keeping. Automated rent collection is just that, automated. But the best reason for using this software, is that it is so cost effective. If you use all features and all pay per use items, the software, including automated rent collection, will cost you less than 1.5 % of your monthly rent roll depending on unit turnover.
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The main reason is that it is reliable. The second reason is that it is easy to use. That means that you will not have issues training your employees to use the support software for your business. It also means that your staff will be happy which makes life at the office better. The same is true for your tenants, who want to have a tenant portal that is easy to use.