Who are your ideal customers? How does Proze help them solve their challenges?

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Official Response
General Manager/Vice President

Large companies who want to solve complex internal communication challenges with their widely dispersed workforce - domestic and international. Our customers want the power to manage their employee communications and measure its impact with a simple-to-use, SaaS-based IC platform. Too many companies are overloading employees with too much information, which is causing them to tune out. Proze provides our customers with the ability to more effectively and efficiently communicate with their employees, increasing their understanding and alignment with organizational goals and strategic initiatives, which helps improve employee engagement and overall company performance. We truly give our IC customers the ability to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in a compelling way - all trackable with deep analytics.

Some key vertical segments we have seen strongest adoption:
* Financial and Insurance Services
* High Technology
* Global Manufacturing
* Large Retail Organizations
* Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

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