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What is the learning curve?

over 2 years ago

What is the learning curve?

Vendor Responses

Response by Relational Junction

9 months ago

Relational Junction for Salesforce is an easily configurable replication utility that requires no coding or design. All you need to know is your connection user information and which objects you wish to replicate – or select all objects, which is the default. New objects and fields are automatically discovered and added to the database.

Relational Junction ETL Manager uses native SQL to select, insert, and update records in over 80 database and API-based platforms. The learning curve for a reasonably skilled SQL developer is less than one hour, since the there is no proprietary transformation language to learn and the user interface for any integration is done entirely on a single web page. Using SQL provides total transparency to the integration developer rather than going to a proprietary GUI that takes weeks to learn.