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What is the best CRM for lead distribution and scoring?

We are looking for a new CRM and ease of use is at the top of the list, but also need a strong lead distribution/rules/scoring. I'd like it to integrate easily with email platforms and have good API offerings.

I'm looking at Nimble as a top runner, but am afraid that its distribution and scoring isn't the best?

Any and all feedback would be fantastic!

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Responded about 4 years ago
The Best CRM I thought are Sugar CRM Inshightly Zoho All above them are easy to use with unique features.
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This is a pretty advanced type of functionality that many just do outside of the CRM, but if you really need to do this automatically, and probably assign rules, then you will need a rules engine. Salesforce is the only system I know that is capable of this type of functionality. Here's a presentation I found quickly on this concept. There may be other systems but they will need a rules engine, and most CRMs are not built for this level of advanced maturity.