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Tracking your content

about 1 year ago

What analytics does DocSend offer on content shared via your platform?

Vendor Responses

Response by DocSend

about 1 year ago

When a visitor clicks on your DocSend link, you'll get robust analytics that you can use to tailor your conversation going forward. You can test this functionality by clicking on a link you've created, and you'll see a preview of what your visitors will see.

For all visitors, regardless of your link settings, we track their location, the device used, the amount of time they spent in your content, and on what pages they spent time. We track every unique visitor to your content and every unique visit.

If you opt into the 'require email to view' setting for your link, we'll also match your visitor's email to his/her social profile. We may also display the visitor's name, job title, email, profile description, and any other matching social profiles.

The visit data for any particular link will be tied the account you specified when creating the link. You can easily view all visits from your target accounts by going to the "Accounts" page.