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Spaces - Content deal rooms

about 1 year ago

How does Spaces work, and what's the benefit for me?

Vendor Responses

Response by DocSend

about 1 year ago

Spaces for DocSend is the easiest way to build, share, and track collections of deal content. With Spaces, you can accelerate the sales process with just a single link.

From case studies to one-sheeters, product overviews to proposals, Spaces enables you to create customized content deal rooms by target account, or stage in the sales cycle. You can toggle individual documents on and off, so prospects only see what makes sense at that point in the sales cycle.

You can also invite team members, from Customer Success to Marketing, to contribute to shared Spaces. Now, everyone involved in the deal can see what's been shared, when, and with whom - at a glance.

And, like with all DocSend links, you get access to robust sales content analytics. You can track which stakeholders engage with your deal content, when, and what they care about. Leverage our Salesforce integration to dig even deeper into how Spaces perform.