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Sharing your content

about 1 year ago

How does sharing content work in DocSend?

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Response by DocSend

about 1 year ago

Sharing content in DocSend is simple. The first step is to upload your content. DocSend supports over 40 different file types, from audio and video to presentations and spreadsheets, and you can track analytics for each of those file types.

Once you've uploaded content to DocSend, you can create individual links that are tied back to specific accounts and, if you've opted into the Salesforce integration, synced with your CRM. You can set custom permissions for each link you create.

Your unique DocSend links are how you'll track who's viewing your content, for how long, and to whom they forwarded it. We'll also enrich the contact information, if your visitor provides his/her email address.

Once you've uploaded your content and created a link to it, you can start sending it to prospects, clients, and anyone else critical to your business's success. As soon as someone clicks on your link, you'll get robust analytics on your content.