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Search Capabilities

What are the search capabilities PageFreezer offers?

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Official response from PageFreezer

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PageFreezer is built with very advanced search capabilities to speed up your open records requests or eDiscovery process. All website and social media archives can be searched through a single Google-like search field. Advanced search fields can further help you limit your query by date range, website or social media account and file type. We even have full support for Dublin Core metadata. In addition, advanced queries can be used for experienced users. Details can be found here: On the search result page, PageFreezer offers filters (by network, account, message type, date range, modification) to make it easy to narrow your search down to the right webpage or social media post. Finally, your search results can be tagged and added to a “Case” for later use where you can export them in PDF or send it into the GovQA open records system.
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