Do you provide adaptive functionality to help personalize each course to learners’ strengths and weaknesses?

Personalized Course Authoring

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Official Response
CMO at Lessonly | Revenue Leader | Author | Dad | Revenue Collective Chapter Head

Lessonly takes a two-pronged approach to learner-journey personalization.

The first is the amount of customization the platform affords the creator of lessons. From Paths to Triggers, the system is built to ensure a personalized and automated experience.

The second is more future-facing. We strongly believe in software that doesn't just respond to actions, but learns and grows with you. Lessonly is exploring multiple ways to improve the intelligence the platform, including advanced data science techniques such as machine learning. The Lessonly vision is that the platform will assist in every aspect of the learning journey—from planning and building to learning and practicing.—with an context-aware and personalized approach that will be tailored for the learner.

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