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over 2 years ago

What types of user licenses and users are available?

Vendor Responses

Response by Integrify

over 2 years ago

A “user” is anyone who logs into Integrify, whether they are an administrator building workflows or an employee logging into the portal to submit requests or complete tasks. Because you pay on a per-user basis, the number of users will obviously affect your cost. Note: We typically work with companies that need 50+ users. We provide two different types of user licenses depending on your needs:

Named Users: You decide who has access to the system and each user gets their own login and password. Named allows for X amount of users that can login to submit requests, complete tasks, run reports or be administrators and not be limited to the # of users logged into the application at the same time.

Concurrent Users: Everyone in your organization can log in to the system but only a certain number can be on the system at the same time. We can provide guidance on a realistic number of concurrent users based on your organization’s size.