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Is the data your own?

In regards to other online software, is the data collected using Piwik on your servers your own data? Technically, who owns it? And do they send any data and statistics to their network?

I am looking for complete autonomy in an analytics solution for security and privacy reasons. This software looks perfect for my organization but want verification with this.

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What happens with the data you collect ? It's yours, it's hosted on your server, in your database, and yours to use or do with for whatever reason you need it. The good thing is that you have an option for visitors that don't want to be followed. So you have an option to protect their privacy. If you are looking for security and automated protection, then you need to look at a different kind of program. Good solutions are OSSEC-HID and Munin / Monin. All are very stable and easy to use, and install. They work very good together. All four Piwik, OSSEC-HID, Munin and Monit would give you a chance to collect all the data one would normally need. They are all free and not limited in any way. So testing takes only a little bit of time in installing.