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What is an approximate investment in hardware and software to initiate the Fielo loyalty program?


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Responded over 2 years ago
The beauty of Fielo’s solution is that it is based on the Salesforce Cloud Computing platform thereby eliminating the need for any investment in hardware or software. The fee for using the platform is entirely based on the size of your member database and is payable monthly. As the size of your membership base grows, the monthly fee would be adjusted to accommodate for a larger program. The entire system is completely transparent and you will be able to clearly see how well the program is working and adjust to the growing needs of your membership base accordingly. This is built into the Fielo Loyalty program via dynamic dashboards that show you the activity levels of your members and are updated in real-time. If you sign up for our FREE DEMO you will be able to see all this in action for yourself at no cost for a 30-day period.
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