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I am looking for a campaign management tool

I am looking for a campaign management tool that will host all creative content, provide easy way of communicating to multiple people and allows for interactive proof corrections. We have software right now, but people are unwilling to use it because they have to log in to another software to track statuses. I would like the project manager and creative team to be able to proof out, set multiple deadlines and work on the project within the tool. One cohesive, collaborative unit. It has to exist...

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Without knowing what you are currently using, I'd ask you to check out - it is a super easy program to sign up for that my team uses between here and the UK. You can set it up to notify your email of activity if people are unwilling to login constantly. An email would let them know something is going on. Depending on what you specifically need, there are other bells and whistles we haven't gotten to yet that might help your team, too! Hope this helps!