How is Proze different from other Internal Employee Communication applications? What are its key features and capabilities?

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Official Response
General Manager/Vice President

Here is why our customers have chosen Proze. They just need a more effective way to deliver employee communications on the existing email infrastructure. Many of our customers have very dynamic requirements for employee communication and email management. Proze delivers these requirements on many levels. Some of the key distinctions that our customers share why they chose Proze are:

Proven, time tested scalable SaaS platform. We are and always have been a 100% cloud-based SaaS platform, in fact, TailoredMail (parent company) was one of the world’s first, 100% cloud-based email marketing solution.

Dynamic Role-Based Content Targeting. Our unique Dynamic Content Targeting capability allows content to be dynamically sent to employees based on their roles, departments, or unlimited combination of employee profile, subscription preferences and defined areas of interest. This allows Internal Communicators to send the right information to the right employees when and how they want to receive it.

Deep integration into Active Directory or other sources. Eliminates complex list management and targeting email content by lists.

Depth of Features: Customizable drag-and-drop layouts, templates, and widgets. Customizable interface and user-role access, unlimited authors. Video and Audio inside the email.

Robust Analytics. Proze allows our customers to analyze metrics and understand how employees are actively engaged with their internal communications. With this knowledge, they can then strategize ways to improve employee engagement and internal communications.

Customer Success Manager Expertise: We assign a dedicated CSM to each customer for support and expertise giving our customers the highest amount of value from Proze required to meet their objectives.

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