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How Aivo’s AgentBot work

12 months ago

How does AgentBot work?

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Response by Aivo

12 months ago

AgentBot is an automatic customer service solution that uses artificial intelligence to understand and solve customers’ needs in real time.

AgentBot has a natural language understanding engine that adds a layer to interpret conversational language and learns from every interaction. AgentBot incorporates empathy and human-like dialogues in customer service communication.

Use the Management section to add questions and answers or simply import a spreadsheet with your content.

AgentBot fixes errors and deformations and identifies relevant meanings. Then, it uses neural networks to understand user intent and evaluate the importance of each word, meaning.

AgentBot has the largest proprietary base of different ways of expressing the same meaning, including words and compound concepts. Machine learning technologies allow the base to evolve with the interactions. This reduces your management efforts and increases the precision every day.

AgentBot learns from your customers. In the training section you train your virtual assistant without any linguistic or technical skills, in order to solve the requests better.

AgentBot’s middleware interacts with external application and adapts the answers to build coherent, evolving conversations and omnichannel experiences. Use it on your web chat, Facebook Messenger and SMS.

See how it works in this video: