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PandaDoc for Proposals & Quotes

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PandaDoc gives you the leverage you need over your competitors by enabling you with the tools to create, send, and sign beautiful and engaging proposals and quotes — fast. Error-Free Pricing Quotes PandaDoc’s pricing catalog lets you add products on the fly. Automatically calculate profit margins, taxes, discounts with dynamic pricing tables. Integrate PandaDoc with your CRM to automatically sync and merge deal data into your quotes and proposals. Create Quicker with Reusable Content Cut down the time it takes to create proposals and quotes, and spend more time being productive. PandaDoc’s reusable templates minimize creation time and help you avoid costly errors. Build Interactive Documents Impress your clients and prospects with eye-catching, interactive proposals, and quotes. Include design elements such as videos, images, and cover pages to really stand out from the crowd. Close Faster with Electronic Signatures Forget the print-scan-email cycle just to get a signature. Faxing is a thing of the past. Get your quotes and proposals signed quicker with PandaDoc’s convenient, secure, and legally binding electronic signatures. Track Your Documents After They’re Sent Get your proposals and quotes signed and closed quicker, shortening your sales cycle. Track the status of your sent documents and know when they’re opened and viewed in PandaDoc. You can even get detailed analytics on how your recipients are interacting with them.
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