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What are the main features of Leadspace ?


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Leadspace predictive analytics powers our solutions for Predictive Scoring & Segmentation, Account and Persona Based Marketing and Data Management. Predictive Scoring & Segmentation: Score by Propensity to Convert Segment Personas Prioritize Accounts & Individuals Cross-Sell Products Optimize Conversion Make Marketing & Sales Ops Efficient Account & Persona-Based Marketing: Identify Target Accounts & Leads Find Net-New Accounts & Leads Match Leads to Accounts Prospect for Leads Increase Pipeline Execute ABM Data Management: Enrich Accounts & Leads Improve Data Quality Shorten Forms Identify Moved Contacts Qualify & Route Leads Streamline Marketing & Sales Ops
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Thank you for your question! Our solutions fall into three primary categories: Data Management (data refresh, data append) Predictive Scoring & Segmentation Account & Persona-based Targeting