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What is Enterprise Cloud Platform?

Enterprise Cloud Platform

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Defining “enterprise cloud platform” begins with understanding cloud computing. At the most basic level, cloud computing solutions deliver data and application functionality through the web, rather than having them reside on a user’s desktop/laptop/mobile device, hardware drive, or in what are otherwise known as on-premises solutions. As a result, IT departments no longer need to worry about buying and provisioning servers to hold company data and can instead focus on creating applications that help the business run faster. And they don’t have to worry about installing applications on every device for every user in a business. Instead, users with web access simply log in to an app to access, share, and collaborate on relevant data and business processes immediately. Enterprise cloud platforms are specifically designed to help drive every department of a business with apps. The apps you build can scale for growth, allow for customization (by developers, IT departments, business users, or all three), and are highly secure. Salesforce has been a leader in enterprise cloud computing since 1999, virtually creating the category. Today, Salesforce has more than 100,000 customers and continues to be a recognized leader in cloud computing for businesses of all sizes, and in nearly every industry.
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