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What are the areas of efficiency addressed with the Managed Mobility Services solution?

Efficiency Areas

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When moving to EMM/UEM, every client benefits from managing all their devices from a single tool. The visibility and ability to apply policies and changes across all the device from a single location make the management of device cleaner, easier, and more efficient. EMM/UEM also introduces the advantage of dynamic provisioning over corporate imaging. This mean that expensive and time consuming corporate images are replaced by configurations sent over the network to the device when it is enrolled. A large focus of MMS is on self-sufficiency through self-service. The enterprise app store is a great way to give the user a consumer-like experience and reduce IT support calls for applications. The self-help portal is video/article knowledge based with tens of thousands of step-by-step how to videos on a variety of technologies, vastly reducing the amount of service desk calls for "how-to" questions. The EMM self-service portal is a utility where users can perform remote activities on their devices like locate, lock, wipe, etc., eliminating the requirement of a service desk agent, and being a 24x7 utility, it allows the user to take action immediately if a device is misplaced.
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