How does Arcadia Data differ from other analytics/BI tools in the market?


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Arcadia Enterprise
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Arcadia Enterprise
Vice President, Marketing at Arcadia Data

One key difference is how data is handled in big data environments like data lakes. When used in a data lake, other analytics/BI tools require moving data to a dedicated BI server. This adds more IT overhead, delays access to data by end users, and creates data governance issues. Unlike other BI tools, Arcadia Data is built specifically for big data and runs in a distributed fashion on the data nodes, so it requires no data movement and can take advantage of the scale, speed, flexibility, and economics of modern platforms like Apache Hadoop and Apache Kafka.

Another significant difference of Arcadia Data is that it provides query acceleration in a simplified process. Arcadia Data reduces response times of dashboard queries with its “analytical views.” A built-in recommendation engine known as Smart Acceleration analyzes actual user behavior to automatically define analytical views, which eliminates manual effort in performance planning and modeling.

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