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Different Phone Number

almost 3 years ago

Why does a different number show when I dial out on the mobile app?

Vendor Responses

Response by Dialpad

over 2 years ago

When placing calls through the Dialpad mobile apps, you may notice that your phone will dial a different number than the one you are trying to reach, even though your call will be connected to the right caller. This is because the calls are placed through what we call a relay number.

A relay number routes a calls through Dialpad and displays your Dialpad caller ID instead of your mobile phone caller ID. Dialpad will assign a relay number to each of your contacts and the Dialpad app will remember to dial that relay number when you want to call this contact through Dialpad. There are several benefits to using a relay number:

The call displays your Dialpad number to the recipient instead of your mobile number

You can make calls that display your Dialpad number even when you do not have data coverage (the app assigns a relay number to your contact on the first call and remembers it for subsequent calls).

For international calls, because the Relay number is an in-country number, you will only be charged a domestic call by your mobile operator and the international leg of the call will be charged by Dialpad at our low rates.