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Does Navvia have a disaster recovery plan?

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The Plan Our hosting partner performs system monitoring and alerts Navvia in the event of a system outage. Navvia also performs separate application monitoring that provides automated alerts to the Disaster Recovery Process Manager who in turn updates the Process Owner. The Process Owner evaluates the situation and a decision is made whether to declare a disaster. Once declared, the Process Manager administers the disaster recovery with the technical assistance of the Technical Architect. Testing Production data is mirrored to the backup facility. A test of the mirrored environment is done monthly. This ensures the backup facility is ready in the event of a disaster. Results of the monthly test are documented. A test of the full DR plan is done annually. Results of the test are documented. The DR plan is reviewed annually. Customer Notification - Clients are notified by email if a disaster is declared. - Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is up to 8 hours. - Our RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is up to 4 hours.
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