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How do I know whether my company can work with Babelway?

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We review three things with potential customers to determine whether Babelway is a good fit: 1) What do you need to do? Babelway is the perfect platform for electronically exchanging business documents (invoices, purchase orders, shipping notifications, etc.) with trading partners, using a system-to-system approach. 2) How many partners, message transmissions, and formats and protocols will Babelway need to support? Businesses that have multiple trading partners and a need to accommodate a variety of formats and technologies will get a lot of value (read: ROI) from working with Babelway. 3) Do you want to have the control to create and manage your own connections? Because our platform is designed for the business user, our customers feel empowered to use Babelway where strategic partner decisions are made and relationships cultivated. They love the flexibility and control Babelway offers and learn the platform by taking advantage of our on-demand training and help guides as well as Babelway’s gung-ho support team.
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