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Can we create our own custom fields?

almost 3 years ago

Custom fields

Vendor Responses

Response by Extensis

over 2 years ago

Custom fields are perfect for organizing your files based on information that isn’t strictly a keyword or a description.

There are six types of custom fields in Portfolio:

- Date/Time: For date and/or time values. You could use this field type to create a Custom Field for image publication dates, for example

- Decimal: For decimal point numeric values. This field type would be useful for custom fields containing stock image prices

- Number: For regular numeric values. This field type is ideal for custom fields containing catalog part or stock numbers, as long as they contain only numeric values

- Text: For single line text values. Can be used for any number of custom fields, including photographer or artist names

- Text Block: For multiple lines of text with line breaks

- URL: This field type is used for Web and other URL addresses. It creates an active hyperlink that can be displayed in gallery views