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Can I stop use the service temporally?


It's a former DocuSign user. I started the service with monthly plan, and I wanted to stop use it temporally until I need the service again.

I asked them to do so and they deleted my account and couldn't restore my data.

So I'm looking for a new service, and your service seems to perfect for me.

The question is, can I use the service 2 months per a year without any dumb accident like DocuSign did?

Looking forward your answer.

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Hello! Thanks for your question. The eSignLive Professional Plan is flexible - you can sign up for an annual contract or pay month to month, especially if your e-signature usage is sporadic. Rest assured, no "gotcha" pricing or billing scams that lock you in. Please visit our Pricing & Editions page for more information: https://www.silanis.com/products/edition-and-pricing/