How does the solution track call conversions?

Call Tracking

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There are a variety of call conversion types that you might want to measure, such as purchases made, appointments set, or quotes given. In order to make the best media optimizations, you need solid closed-loop attribution. Invoca tracks and associates call conversions to the online activities that preceded them.

If you’re already tracking these conversion events you may simply want a way to push this data into your call tracking solution through a file upload or API call. Or you might want a solution that can automatically detect conversion for you. With Invoca’s call tracking & analytics solution, you can do it all.

Potential pitfalls to look out for when evaluating call tracking vendors:
Many call tracking solutions simply count calls and cannot actually track conversions. The value of call counting is not comparable to conversion measurement since only a fraction of inbound calls result in a conversion. Think of it this way: would you be happy optimizing to click-through or would you rather measure and optimize to clicks that resulted in sales?

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