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What benefits does Samanage offer?


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Value is offered in every feature…but here are some of our customers’ favorites: -Cloud-based: immediate access, rapid deployment Enjoy the quickest path to value with nonexistent installation, zero upgrade costs (ever), and absolutely no hardware or software requirements. - Simple & easy to use Samanage automates tasks wherever possible and reduces workload, effort and time required for managing IT services and assets. - Modern technology & design Samanage is a modern IT service desk, built using the most advanced and agile technology available today. Our key design principle is focused on an efficient, value-driven user experience. - Saves you time & money Processes take less time to define, tickets take less time and effort to resolve and organized information helps you to budget and plan ahead. Also, with an all-inclusive pricing plan, you only pay for the licenses you need: no hidden or added costs, whatsoever. - Strives to make you happy Yep, we said it: we want to make you happy. We’re passionate about building tools you’ll love to use. This underlying principle guides our work and acts as the foundation of who we are, what we do and why we do it.
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