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Apart from Third Party & Supplier Risk Management, How can we use other functionality of SS?

We are currently using SS for Third Party & Supplier Risk Management

How can we use other functionality of SS

IT Portfolio Analysis

IT Risk Management

Security Risk Analysis

Threat Intelligence

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Official Response
Director of Acquisition Marketing at SecurityScorecard | SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and Analytics

Hello Mohammed,

In addition to Third Party & Supplier Risk Management, SecurityScorecard can be used for several different use cases such as reputational risk management, cyber insurance, due diligence and compliance.

As an organization’s digital footprint becomes bigger and more complex, the need for IT portfolio analysis also grows. SecurityScorecard allows you to easily diagnosis, remediate, and monitor cyber risk across your IT portfolio, and segment by lines of business for a customized view of an organization’s entire digital footprint. With SecurityScorecard’s data collection and granular analytics capabilities, organizations are able to get an outside-in view of their security posture and see what a hacker sees. Risk factor information helps security teams understand where the true risk lies in their portfolio on a continuous basis and manage that risk.

SecurityScorecard delivers the most accurate, transparent, and comprehensive risk rating services. Additionally the SecurityScorecard Atlas product accelerates the cybersecurity questionnaire process by leveraging the platform’s underlying signal intelligence to validate responses. Instantaneous risk ratings automatically map to vendor responses - providing you a true 360-degree view of security risk analysis.

Lastly, SecurityScorecard’s threat intelligence capabilities and attribution engine deliver actionable intelligence for risk management teams to reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. The SecurityScorecard Ratings product’s threat reconnaissance capabilities can help you answer the question that most traditional threat intelligence solutions leave unanswered, what assets are at risk and what entity do they belong to?

By leveraging SecurityScorecard's platform, security teams are able to quickly identify vulnerable assets in their IT infrastructure and third-party ecosystem. Furthermore, security teams can work efficiently to proactively increase cybersecurity resilience.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

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