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What is the best way to get the content from a PPT into MY FILES and then into MY COLLECTION while still being able to edit?

Do I save it as a PDF and then import each presentation or each slide separately to move them around, delete, etc.

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Team Lead - Technical Support at Showpad

Hi Jessica,

It’s great that you are leveraging Showpad to upload your own content. We need a bit more context to understand your workflow. It might be that you’re using our Showpad Edit or Office365 integration, which allows editing straight from within Showpad and My Files. Or perhaps you are copying a presentation over from what your Showpad admin has uploaded?
In any case, as a general best practice, you don’t need to save the PPT as a PDF before uploading to My Files. Showpad will automatically convert the PPT to a PDF after uploading the file.

Then, to add the content to your Collection, you can choose between adding the Entire Document or Select Pages. This should make it easier for you to move only certain parts of the files around or to completely leave out other pages.

Please feel free to reach out via our Help Center - - if you'd like to continue the discussion for your specific use case, or get in touch with your Showpad admin.

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