Google Ads Is a Scam!! They will Restart Paused Ads!!

I receive an email May 14th stating I have been billed $83 for an ad that has been supposedly been running on my google ads account. I knew I hadn't placed any ads and even just a few days previously I went into my account to make sure all ads were paused and sent an email to google to shut down any Adwords accounts I had. I sent an email asking why an ad ran from 5/3 - 5/9 and why I was being charged even though all ads had been paused and I requested my account closed.

They messaged me back saying the ad was already active since December 18, 2018!!?! Yes that is correct 513 DAYS AGO!! That calculates out to $0.16 a DAY! I talked to a manager at Google and he tries to convince me that this is accurate! Anyone who has used Google Adwords knows that it is impossible to set a budget that low! Despite how obvious of an error this is on Google part the manager told me he would send this to the right people and by Friday (4 days later) it will get resolved and to not worry. I sent him an email back asking would I be charged during this waiting period while I waited which he ignored.

Low and behold 2 days later they charged my account, closed my account, and pretty much told me that now since they have my money I can wait till next week for them to see if they will now give me a refund. I've heard rumors about Google restarting paused ads for no reason, but didn't believe it until it happened to me. The people at google for some reason can't fathom that even machines can make mistakes. If I were you I would not give Google any payment information for any of their services as they will surely use it against you.

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